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How much does an import-tag® cost?
Please Click Here for current pricing.

Is Import-Tag® a registered brand name with a patented product that I can trust?

What are the dimensions of an import-tag®?
The dimensions are 20 ½ inches by 4 ½ inches.

I heard that import-tags® allowed for more airflow to my car's radiator and intercooler than regular square shaped custom license plates. Is that so?
Yes. Import-tags® do not restrict much needed air-flow like other tags. And we all know that Cooler air = More horsepower!

I heard that import-tags® were made of a special metal that allowed them to flex without folding, bending, or creasing like regular license plate s. Is that true?
YES! That is very true...import-tags® were specifically designed to flex and conform with today's radical body kits. This flexibility is great for curvy custom body kits!

What are the import-tags® made of?
Import-tags® are authentically made of 1.20mm thick, high quality white eurosized air-craft aluminum!

What are the characters, numbers, etc. made of?
Everything on an Import-tag® has been authentically painted, just like your existing state license plate, except much better!

Can I wash, polish, and wax my import-tag® like I do my car?

Will my import-tag® have the same design layout as the ones shown on your site?
Yes, your import-tag® will have the same design layout- with the characters & numbers in the same locations. Your tag's Japanese Characters and numbers will be randomly selected from an assortment. In addition, your import-tag® will have the Japanese Flag and an expiration date insignia.

Can I custom order my import-tag® with a different colored background or writing?

Can I custom order specific words or phrases written in Japanese?
Unfortunately, due to the fact that we are a high-volume manufacturer, that would not be possible.

Will my import-tag® come with pre-drilled holes?
We decided to give your import-tag® a "clean" look. Thus, we left it up to you to decide where and how your tag is to be mounted. Simply drill your own holes into the tag wherever you wish. For an even cleaner look, some customers incorporate their import-tag® into their custom body work using high quality double-sided tape, strong adhesive glue, rivets, powerful magnetic stripping, or sometimes even Velcro®!

Can my import-tag® be used in conjunction with my regular State plate?

I would like to order two identical import-tags®. Is that possible?
Yes. We call that an "Import-Tag® Twin-Pack" Simply say that you would like to order a "twin-pack" Item# 006-00-1002 if you are in the USA or Item# 006-00-1004 if you are in Canada.

I own a legitimate company that sells import related auto accessories- can I become an import-tag® dealer?
Sure! We'd be delighted to talk with you about becoming an import-tag® dealer. Click Here to have a sales representative give you a call.


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[asian japanese european chinese license plates tags import-tags german]


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